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Where all rooms overlook a concrete section of the barrier

Like elsewhere in the world, Banksys works in the occupied territory have become tourist attractions -- in part due to him often ghosting in to create his works in the dead of night. In 2005, he sprayed nine stencilled images at different locations along the eight-metre-high (27-foot) separation barrier."Love" and "peace" are respectively graffiti-tagged in English and French on the art installations concrete blocks, while three large wrapped presents are at the forefront of the scene.Jerusalem: A manger scene juxtaposed against concrete blocks seemingly pierced by a mortar shell: with Christmas looming, the latest Bethlehem offering by secretive artist Banksy appeared Saturday in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.Dubbed the "Scar of Bethlehem", the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph are backlit through damaged concrete, chiselled pockmarks exploding out from a gaping hole in four directions to approximate the Christmas Star. "Banksy has his own contribution to Christmas.Built mostly inside the West Bank, Israel says it is necessary to prevent attacks, but Palestinians label it an apartheid wall, separating them from Jerusalem.

Salsaa calls the Israeli wall a "scar" that should induce "shame in anyone who supported" its construction."Banksy is trying to be a voice for those that cannot speak," Salsaa said. Israel began building the separation barrier -- in parts concrete, with other stretches consisting of fencing -- in 2002 during the Palestinian uprising, or intifada. The work is installed at Banksys Walled-Off Hotel, where all rooms overlook a concrete section of the barrier built by Israel to cut off the occupied West Bank from Israeli territory.. They included a ladder on the wall, a little girl carried away by balloons and a window opening onto a peaceful mountain landscape.In 2007, he painted a number of artworks in Bethlehem, including a young girl frisking an Israeli soldier pinned up against a wall. Traditional Bethlehem Christmas festivities will take place next week at the church built on the spot where Christians believe Jesus was born. He "is creating a new model of resistance through art."

Banksy rose to prominence after his subversive artworks started to appear in public spaces in the United Kingdom in the early 2000s, and he has long worked on themes of violence and conflict. "It is a nativity," the hotels manager Wissam Salsaa told AFP after the piece was installed. The manger scene and hotel -- an establishment opened two years ago -- are far from Banksys only West Bank imprint.Palestinian graffiti artists, too, anchor bolts Manufacturers have made the separation wall a place of political and artistic expression. The identity of the worlds best-known graffiti artist remains a mystery and he was not present during the revealing of his latest work.""It is a great way to bring up the story of Bethlehem, the Christmas story, in a different way -- to make people think more" of how Palestinians live in Bethlehem

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If you like the idea of a siren’s song on the wall

. Blues ranging in intensity from sky to pool to navy were used in textiles and rugs throughout the house.And there’s loads of lively art, from photoprints of giant waves to San Francisco artist Rex Ray’s groovy surfboard wallpaper, as well as a group of whimsical, painted shark heads from California ceramicist Lorien Stern. It’s a look that still pays homage to a home’s waterside location, actual or aspirational, but in a stylish way. “So we adopted a super tongue-in-cheek aesthetic and mixed it in with a classic but cool Hamptons beach vibe.Salvaged wood from Thai fishing boats is used to make interesting lamp bases in several sizes at Continental Home. Suzanne Kasler’s bold, graphic nautical flags come framed in natural wood. And scattered throughout the home are nautical references given a playful spin.Albers referenced that coast’s moody palette of sand, mist and ocean in the furniture and accessories.”That mash-up led her team to dub the home “Floritauk”, a name the client liked so much that it stuck.

If you like the idea of a siren’s song on the wall but don’t want to go with tile, consider designer Genevieve Gorder’s Pearl Belly repositionable and removable wallpaper at Tempaper.Walmart and Wayfair have several well-priced options if you’re looking for a rope-trimmed table l some have the rope wrapping a base, while on others the rope itself is the lamp base. Porthole-style mirrors in various iterations anchor bathroom vanities.Designers are playing with the idea of nautical decor in new ways, with furnishings and style notes that say “classic contemporary” instead of China sleeve anchors Suppliers “kitschy cute. Water sparkling on the bay inspired San Francisco designer Erica Tanov’s Shimmer collection for Cle.”There might be life preservers on the wall, but they’re probably vintage, and paired with modern chairs.New York designer Ghislaine Vinas recently did a project out in the sandy seaside enclave of Montauk, New York. A fresh palette of white and blue was accented with Vinas’ signature punches of bright orange, green and yellow. For example, in the open plan living area, Vinas hung a group of white sphere light fixtures suspended in blue netting; they look like boat buoys. A dreamy, iridescent finish brings both mermaids and shells to mind.“For this Montauk project, the client’s roots are strong in Florida, and she has fond memories of time spent on the beach in the 1970s,” Vinas says. Beach-chair-style stripes of colour adorn furniture pieces and shower tile.

Cle Tile carries British artist Boris Aldridge’s Ocean, Tide Pool and Water tiles, part of his handmade porcelain and poured-glass collection in an array of deep, liquid blues. A smart little model sailboat graces a mantel, while a gallery wall of white-framed, watercolour seabird prints adds interest in a family seating area. There might be art, but instead of the usual beachy tableaux, there are close-up wave prints, or oversize photos of sea creatures. There are floor and table lamps made of gathered driftwood here, as well. “We loved this homage to Floridian agriculture, and decoupaged a vintage dresser with fruit cut-outs,” she says. Vinas also introduced tasty citrus hues like lime, orange and lemon to the decor.At Ballard Designs, there’s a mirror framed in faux white coral that would make a statement; it’s available in wall-mountable and floor sizes. Each tile is crafted in Northern California of solid brass, and when arranged on a wall they do resemble sunlit water, or mermaid’s scales.While Vinas went for a playful seaside vibe, Minneapolis-based designer Raena Albers opted for something a little more serene in one of her recent projects. “My clients moved to Minnesota from the Pacific Northwest, and have a huge affinity for sailing,” she says

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Democrats familiar with the meeting said the White

Mexico has refused. The first would be the Treasury Department, to ensure people receive their tax refunds., said House Democrats intend to start passing individual bills to reopen agencies."The president has suggested his definition of the wall is flexible, referring to slats and other "border things.With the talks stalled, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif..6 billion to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. Trump had campaigned on the promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. Hes now demanding the money from Congress. Democrats said the White House did not budge on the presidents key demand, USD 5. Mulvaney said Trump was willing to forgo a concrete wall for steel or other materials."A White House official said the meeting included a briefing on border security by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Washington: A first round of talks expansion anchors Suppliers between White House officials and congressional aides has made little progress toward ending the government shutdown, with each side accusing the other of giving no ground."Not much headway made today," Trump tweeted on Saturday after receiving a briefing from the team led by Vice President Mike Pence.More discussions were planned for Sunday, while President Donald Trump, who did not attend the negotiating session, was scheduled to be at Camp David for a retreat with White House staff on border security and other topics.The White House said money was not discussed in depth, but the administration was clear about the need for a wall and the goal of resolving the shutdown all at once, not piecemeal."

Democrats familiar with the meeting said the White House position was "untenable."Democrats have made clear they see a wall as immoral and ineffective and prefer other types of border security funded at already agreed upon levels. Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, in an interview with CNNs "State of the Union," accused Democrats of being there to "stall."If he has to give up a concrete wall, replace it with a steel fence in order to do that so that Democrats can say, See? Hes not building a wall anymore, that should help us move in the right direction," Mulvaney told NBCs "Meet the Press. Democrats sought written details from the Department of Homeland Security on their budget needs; the White House said it would provide that

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